In addition to smart machines and IoT-data processing, robotic automation is key for providing the capacity for unmanned production in state-of-the-art smart factories. We offer robot assisted set-ups, both turnkey and custom solutions employing industry-leading robotics from our renowned partners. Your local Okuma distributor will be happy to give you a call or visit your facility to discuss suitable automation solutions.


Factories of the Future

Changes in Manufacturing and Work Styles

Due to the decline in the workforce, problems such as the retirement of skilled workers and the shortage of workers from the younger generation are becoming more commonplace in manufacturing.

In addition, the diversification of market needs requires high-mix, low-volume production, and machine shops trying to maintain daily deliveries are running as hard as possible. After machining, cleaning is done, then part unload/load, and the process restarts. The workers are overburdened and their working hours have increased.

These conditions are not uncommon and are happening in real life.

However, even if you hire a system integrator, their specialists may not come as soon as you want. Even after installation, a system integrator is required to teach the robot every time the workpiece is changed.

In addition, the problem of space may be one of the factors that prevent taking the risky step of adding a robot to your setup. If you install robots in addition to machines, you may need more than twice the required machine floor space. Layout planning in a limited space is not easy.

The ARMROID leads to true efficiency

Easy to Bring In

Customers are interested in introducing robots, but system integrators are needed to get started, or the operators need to acquire special skills when there is no time to learn the new technology. ARMROID solves these problems. System integrators are not required at startup. Okuma’s ROID Navi enables robot operations in the same way a machine tool is controlled. So the operator can work with confidence and without worrying about collisions.

Applications Support

The built-in robot performs various tasks. During machining, support to suppress chatter and “mixed blasting of coolant/air” to disentangle chips is provided. In addition, workpieces can be changed, plus cleaning inside the work area and discharging of are possible. All of this reduces human labor and improves job productivity.

Reducing Working Hours

By setting up a workpiece stacker, you can easily achieve automated robot cell operations that take stacked blanks to and finished parts from the machine. Flexible production is possible by workers manually loading/unloading parts during the day, and this automated cell to process batches at night. ARMROID can reduce operator working hours, and does contribute to work-style reforms.