competition 01 rules

Are you proud of your old OKUMA CNC machine that is in good condition? You can WIN a PRIZE!

I. Organizers

The campaign is organized by the company GreenBau Tehnlogie SRL, based in Bulevardul Libertatii, no. 12, Block 113, sector 4, 040129 Bucharest Romania. The campaign consists of the participation and designation of three winners.

II. Details about the Contest

The contest will run until 31.12.2021. The announcement of the winners will be made on 17.01.2022, directly through the email address used to enter the car in the contest.

III. Conditions for participation

The campaign is accessible to companies based in Romania, which accept the terms and conditions of this Regulation, and which owns the OKUMA CNC machine.
The owner company to be active.
The CNC machine must be older than 10+ years.
The CNC machine must be in working order.
The Car series must be valid

IV. Campaign Award

The campaign offers a prize for the first three finalists, consisting of:

a free finding of the CNC machine
a voucher for the purchase of cutting tools worth € 5,000.

V. How to carry out the Campaign

To participate in this Campaign, all Participants must send 3 pictures and mention the cause for which they deserve to be the winner, to the email address

This platform will be used to post the name of the Prize Winner at the end of the Campaign and to disseminate information related to the Campaign.

VI. Designation of the Winner

The announcement of the winners will be made directly by the email address

VII. Awarding of the Prize

After checking the CNC machine by our specialists and finding that the machine meets the selection conditions, we will offer the prize mentioned in point IV of the regulation; if the car does not meet the conditions, another car entered in the competition will be selected.

VIII. Taxes and fees

The prizes awarded within this Campaign will be subject to all relevant tax provisions in accordance with the legislation in force in Romania, and the winner will be obliged to comply with those regulations.

The organizer is not responsible for the payment of taxes, duties or other fiscal obligations except for the income tax from prizes, a tax that he is obliged to withhold and transfer to the state budget, according to Law no. 227/2015. Any other fees and taxes arising from the delivery of the prize to the winner will be borne by the organizer, if applicable.

IX. Force Majeure and other causes of termination / modification of the Campaign

For the purpose of this Regulation, Force Majeure means any event that cannot be controlled, remedied or predicted by the Organizer and whose occurrence makes the latter unable to fulfill its obligations under the Regulation. The category of these events includes, but is not limited to: wars, fires, floods, strikes and blockades, earthquakes, other disasters of any kind, as well as any regulations that may prohibit or amend the terms of the Regulation.

X. Data processing

The Organizer and its representatives, in order to carry out the Campaign, process the personal data of the participants in this Campaign in accordance with the provisions of Regulation no. 679/2016 – General Regulation on Data Protection (GDPR), which became applicable on 25.05.2018.

The personal data collected during this Campaign will not be disclosed to third parties except for the proxies and contractual partners of the Organizer, as notified to each participant at the time of obtaining the agreement for processing personal data, the Organizer undertaking to comply with applicable law. data processing operations.