Hanwha HCR-12 Collaborative Robot

Hanwha collaborative robot HCR series is easy & simple in any application

With a maximum load capacity of 12 kg, the HCR-12 cobot is best suited for light tasks that require simple control and can successfully replace the operator. The HCR-12 collaborative robot is easy to control and is flexible in responding to changes in the production process, effectively reducing investment and operating costs.

Hanwha HCR-12 Cobot

HCR12 cobot feeding system of the GENOS L3000e lathe
Cobot programming through the intuitive RODI interface
Cobot programming in learning mode, by manual positioning

When process inspection is desired, various personnel detection systems can be mounted in the cobot service space.

When intervening in the area of action of the cobot, it has the ability to detect possible collisions

When it is desired to inspect the process, various personnel detection systems can be mounted in the cobot service area.

Laser barrier to avoid collisions with the HCR12 cobot

The HCR series has the ability to detect possible collisions, so it is safe to work without a protective fence in the vicinity of the cobot’s range. How we removed our cobot continues the program.

Încărcătură 12kg, Rază acțiune 1300mm

Datorită razei sale mari de acțiune, robot-ul colaborativ cu 6 axe HCR-12A este folosit cu success la manipularea pieselor din proximitate. În special, este potrivit pentru încărcarea-descărcarea aplicațiilor de prelucrare CNC.

Descriere program Cobot

Collection of semi-finished products from the conveyor
Collecting the machined part and feeding the machine with the semi-finished product
Semi-finished product loaded in universal (detail)
Close the door automatically and press the program cycle start button
Positioning machined landmark on the conveyor
Collection of new and prepared semi-finished products

HCR Software Rodi

Hanwha Robotics HCR robot software Rodi is easy for anyone to use due to its intuitive UI.

Programmable with a simple click

  • Icon based commands
  • Alerts to minimize programming errors

Identify robot motion flow at a glance

  • Video editor-like program structure
  • Visualized the tact-time for each task

Various methods to programming

  • Script, tree structure

Frequent-use applications are easier to program

  • Pattern function allows make easier to apply stacking, palletizing or circle move.

Technical Specifications

Degree of freedom6 rotating joints
Joint RangeJ1: ± 180° J2: -165° ~ +135° J3: -85° ~ +245° J4: ± 190° J5: ± 170° J6: ± 360°
Joint SpeedJ1,J2: Max 130°/sec, J3,J4,J5,J6 : Max 200°/sec
Linear Speed1m/s (Max. 1.2m/s)
FootprintØ150 mm


Hanwha Corporation/Momentum’s collaborative robot can be applied to various processes, from simple tasks like pick & place and palletizing all the way to screwing, polishing, and dispensing.

Hanwha Corporation/Momentum’s envisions a future workshop where collaborative robots work side-by-side with employees. The robot can replace human operators in dull, repetitive, and dangerous jobs, allowing your employees to focus on high value-added tasks and work in a safe environment. It also offers simple control and re-deployment to other applications. Hanwha Corporation/Momentum’s easy, safe, and flexible collaborative robot HCR-5A brings automation to your production line in the most efficient way.