Hyper-Surface New functions

Easy and improved Die & Mould surface quality

Our Hyper-Surface feature detects CAM-output machining data disturbances and variations, which result in scratches on the surfaces. It automatically makes corrections on the Okuma control to improve the surface quality without modifying the machining data while maintaining the required shape accuracy. This not only eliminates the time usually required for hand finishing, but also reduces scratches and uneven edges.

Hyper Surface machining


  • Corrects variations in command position and feed rate
  • Improves machined surface quality and eliminates time required for hand finishing
  • Aligns adjacent cutter paths and reduces scratches and uneven edges

Auto machining data compensation, easy and improved die/mold surface quality

Development Background

Better surface quality without modifying the machining data


・Eliminates the time required for hand finishing.
・Reduce scratches and uneven edges.

Eliminating variations in command position and feed rate improve machined surface quality

Automatically corrects for small variations in machining data command positions of output from a CAM processor. And passing speeds for each cutter path at corners are made consistent. That stabilizes feed rates and improves surface quality.

Hyper Surface machining

Aligning adjacent cutter paths, reducing ridges

Correcting uneven spaces between adjacent cutter paths, and reducing inconsistent valley depths and edge widths.

High quality machining is realized by correcting NC program with NC controller.

Hyper Surface machining

New Functions

Position Uniformity Adjustment Function

Issue: Feed rate does not increase due to “Rough and close” at the command position

Hyper Surface machining

Fluctuation Smoothing Function

Issue: Feed rate cannot be increased due to “fluctuation” in the commanded position.

Hyper Surface machining

Effect of smoothing (Feedrate comparison)

Sample program containing “Rough and close” and “fluctuation” in command point

Small Inversion Reduction Function

Issue: Successive small inversion commands at command positions cause scratch and stripes.

Effect of Small Inversion Reduction

Parameter easy setting

Parameter selection screen

  • Automatically update control parameters by only selecting processing applications and processes
  • Parameter preset for each mode
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