MATICS Optimize your CNC efficiency

Complete smart solution for small and medium size factories

What is Matics and What Do We Provide?

Matics is a cloud-based shop floor management software that enables dramatic increase in operational efficiency and profitability.

Our plug & play solution allows manufacturers to get real-time data analytics, minimize costly disruptions and collaborate remotely, improving productivity.

Matics serves as a personal digital assistant for all staff on the factory floor and helps senior management make smart business decisions on- the-spot, when it matters the most.

Matics can turn any facility into a smart agile factory

Instantly View Factory Performance from a Mobile Phone

Matics provides easily accessible data about your plant’s overall performance through dynamic dashboards in the app. No human errors, no delays, only continuously reliable real-time information – as granular as you need.

Maintain Total Control over Production Plan’s Execution

With Matics you can compare the actual performance to the plan in just a few clicks. Rest assured that your staff is equipped with the best tools to deal with disruptions in production the moment they arise. Receive alerts if a site is not meeting its weekly plan’s target.

Gain Operational Agility for Maximum Profitability

Don’t just learn from past data. Act immediately and take data-backed business decisions to maximize profitability. Never miss a critical event, requiring your attention. Increase the use of resources and streamline your production to achieve better cost per unit and improve delivery lead time.

Ensure Better Control of CapEx and Capacity Planning

Optimize your investments in existing and future sites. Matics makes capacity planning easy by enabling you to draw on data from historic and real-time activities whenever you need to take the right decision for a higher bottom line. Decide on new machinery purchase based on real utilization, generating enormous cost savings.

No Headache Implementation

Matics’ implementation is simple, quick and doesn’t require any breaks in your production schedule. It takes minimal upfront investment and just about a day to install the system on your shop floor with most configurations done remotely

  • Easily integrated with any ERP
  • Connects to any machine type
  • No additional IT costs
  • Secure connection and self-maintenance for your peace of mind

Scalable at Your Pace

Our system configurations and pricing model were designed with complete flexibility, so you can pay for what you need now, and be ready to scale up as the business grows – from entry-level production analytics to the comprehensive production journey.