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NewsLetter no.1 NOV.2021

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Tips for CNC machine maintenance

Regular maintenance ensures the productivity, reliability and longevity of the CNC equipment in your factory. With the care of the CNC equipment in your factory, you can rely on it at any time!

Notification of CNC alarms, in real time, directly by email

STATUS MAIL is included in the OSP Suite and is a way to remotely know and track the status of the machine.

Wide range of machining, with heavy cutting and high precision finishing

Wide range of processing, high processing speeds and high precision finishing for various industries.

Last chance to enjoy Greenbau promotion. Don’t waste it

We would like to inform you that at the end of the year the promotional offer for the 7% OKUMA Discount machine tools will end.

Do you have a ten years old machine? It can be worth you money

Find out more about the competition rules and prizes offered, register today and exhibit your Okuma CNC machine!

Complete simulation of cutting processes in the virtual machine

Computer virtual machine simulation with NC-Master PC, just like a real CNC machine.

Don’t worries working with temperature changes

Using an OKUMA CNC machine, the machining accuracy of the part does not change due to temperature variations.

Our Mission

Innovative technology, quality production and complete services and support are certainly part of the GreenBau experience. The passion, integrity, loyalty and extensive experience and knowledge ensure that we offer cutting-edge solutions along with lasting partnerships.

Our team gives you instant access to decades of industry experience and a network of local and global machine tool experts.

We have been in partnership with you since our first meeting, guiding you through project planning and supporting you during implementation, training and after-sales care.

When you’re dealing with GreenBau, you’re dealing with professionals.

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