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NewsLetter no.11 SEPTEMBER.2022

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  • EXPO – Demo Metal Vest Arad – SlideShow
  • LATHE – GENOS L3000e Mx450 high quality
  • 5-AXIS – GENOS M460V-5AX performance in 5 axis
  • SOLUTIONS– MATICS – Optimize your CNC efficiency
  • COBOTS – Hanwha Cobots – easy & simple in any application
  • NEW – CITIZEN Miyano BNA-42MSY

We invite you to view the photo gallery and video content, and the VR360 tour of the GreenBau Technology stand at the recent Demo Metal West – Arad exhibition, from September 13-15, 2022.

GENOS L3000e Mx450 high quality, high performance

Optional milling and Y-axis machining functions allow you to select the best configuration for your specific production needs. GENOS L3000-e offers high quality at an affordable price.

GENOS M460V-5AX performance in 5-axis

The solid double-column structure, the total control of 5 simultaneous axes and the high-performance thermal stability offer the possibility to easily process a wide range of materials.

MATICS – Optimize your CNC production

Matics is a modern manufacturing management solution that provides an intelligent way to digitally streamline manufacturing processes. Matics can be easily used both in machining workshops, small and medium-sized companies, as well as in large factories or with complex productions.

CITIZEN Cincom L20E-2M12 LFV

A state-of-the-art machine with B-axis machining on both spindles and an additional Y-axis. To meet the current requirements of the machining industry, CITIZEN has introduced a new concept of the L20 model with integrated LFV (Low Frequency Vibration) function.

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Hanwha Cobots – easy & simple in any application

Automation is no longer difficult. The collaborative robot HCR is easy to control and is flexible in responding to changes in production layout, effectively cutting investment and operating costs.

CITIZEN Miyano BNA-42MSY Lathe

With two spindles, the subspindle having an additional X axis, a Y axis turret and the latest Mitsubishi control, the BNA-42MSY is able to handle complex machining, with rapid cycle times and quick set ups.

Our Mission

Innovative technology, quality production and complete services and support are certainly part of the GreenBau experience. The passion, integrity, loyalty and extensive experience and knowledge ensure that we offer cutting-edge solutions along with lasting partnerships.

Our team gives you instant access to decades of industry experience and a network of local and global machine tool experts.

We have been in partnership with you since our first meeting, guiding you through project planning and supporting you during implementation, training and after-sales care.

When you’re dealing with GreenBau, you’re dealing with professionals.

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