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NewsLetter no.3 JAN.2022

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  • SERVICE – Mandatory filter control
  • UTILITY – Working with Renishaw
  • SWISS TYPE – Chip fragmentation function
  • INNOVATION – The tank without deposits
  • PROGRAMMING – Reduced processing time without costs


Filters serve a boring but very important job on the machine tool. In today’s race toward high-speed, lean manufacturing, filters can easily be overlooked.

Renishaw Set and Inspect

Renishaw’s Set and Inspect is a simple, intuitive, CNC machine measuring application for customers who needs an easy-to-use verification and control solution.

The New Okuma MA-600HIII: The Machine That Never Stops

The MA-600HIII with standard spindle at 10K RPM effectively handles a wide range of applications, from heavy-duty to high-feed machining.  

Citizen-Cincom LFV technology for swiss-type

This cutting method introduces regular “air-cutting” into the cycle,
breaking up of chips into very small pieces making it the optimum processing method.

What is a OKUMA Sludgeless Tank?

By suppressing sludge accumulation in the tank, the frequency of troublesome tank cleaning can also be drastically reduced, enabling stable operations over long runs.

Cycle Time Reduction – speeds it up machining by eliminating non-value-added time

OKUMA CNC machines use controls that allow you to increase production on your current Okuma CNC lathe using “Cycle Time Reduction” on the OSP-P300L/P300S control, without spending a dime on hardware!

Collision Avoidance System – Allowing operators to focus on making parts

OSP controller performs real time simulation with 3D model data of machine components just ahead of actual machine movements. It checks for interference or collisions and stops the machine movement immediately before collision.

Our Mission

Innovative technology, quality production and complete services and support are certainly part of the GreenBau experience. The passion, integrity, loyalty and extensive experience and knowledge ensure that we offer cutting-edge solutions along with lasting partnerships.

Our team gives you instant access to decades of industry experience and a network of local and global machine tool experts.

We have been in partnership with you since our first meeting, guiding you through project planning and supporting you during implementation, training and after-sales care.

When you’re dealing with GreenBau, you’re dealing with professionals.

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