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NewsLetter no.7 MAY.2022

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  • SERVICE – 5 OSP machines functions you need
  • TECHNOLOGY – LMD on OKUMA CNC machines
  • NEWS – Brother SPEEDIO S-Xd1 series
  • INVESTMENT – Hanwha Cobots, a robot for everyone
  • COMPETITION – OKUMA winners premiere – MetalSomet


Okuma lathes and machining centers come equipped with a wide variety of functions—sometimes so many that it can be overwhelming. While you may not need every function, the following are a few that could significantly improve the way you use your machine.

LMD additive technology on OKUMA CNC machines

LMD additive technology or laser welding charging is a generative manufacturing process for metals. Internationally, it is known as Laser Metal Deposition, LMD for short.

The new generation of Brother SPEEDIO S-Xd1 compact machining centers

The Brother SPEEDIO S-Xd1 series of multifunctional CNC machines are ideal for the semiconductor, electronics, robotics, automotive, precision instruments and medical industries.

Hanwha Cobots – A robot for everyone

Hanwha Corporation /Machinery’s collaborative robot can be applied to various processes, from simple tasks like pick & place and palletizing all the way to screwing, polishing, and dispensing.

OKUMA winners premiere – MetalSomet

From all participants, the following three winning companies were selected whose machine tools are in very good condition.

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