How to create a productive machine tool environment

When you bring an Okuma into your shop, that machine tool represents a significant investment by you and by Okuma. We value the faith you put in us and are genuinely dedicated to helping you maximize uptime, maintain productivity, and utilize a capable process that delivers the quality you desire. Keeping your work area clean and enhancing visibility are crucial to your long-term success. Below are some tips that will help ensure your environment sets the stage for productivity.


1. Clean the Chuck.

Use air and a soft bristle brush to remove all swarf or metal deposits from the chuck and workholding.

2. Grease the Chuck Jaws.

Locate the grease fittings on the jaws and fill with grease to the recommended level. Use your operation and maintenance manual to determine the best grease choice recommended by your chuck manufacturer.

3. Remove all Chips from Covers and Pan.

Using air and a soft cleaning cloth, remove all swarf or metal deposits from covers and pan. When clean, wipe down the stainless steel surfaces with hydraulic oil. This will keep them lubricated and ensure smooth operation.

4. Clean or Replace Sight Glass.

Using a neutral cleaning detergent, make sure the sight glass is clean, to maximize visibility. Perform a full inspection to detect any cracks or flaws that could possibly fail in the future. If your sight glass has exceeded its maintenance interval, replace it as soon as possible.

5. Clean Work Light Lens/Replace Bulb.

Using a neutral cleaning detergent, make sure the work light lens is clean and free of dimming factors. If your bulb has exceeded its maintenance interval or looks burnished, replace it as soon as possible.

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