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PC NC-Master (PC software simulation of CNC machines)

Complete simulation of cutting processes in the virtual machine

PC NC-Master is an OKUMA CNC machine programming and simulation application, which includes the control panel (reduced and extended), the OSP machine programming screen, an IGF conversational programming environment and 3D Virtual Monitor simulation, both processing as well as simulation with the geometry of the CNC machine.

PC NC-Master is a useful package for programming and testing in the office of processing applications and time studies, thus reducing costs and losses caused by scrap, hitting the machine or other errors, all reducing downtime of the machine.

Intuitive conversational programming, on the simulator as on the machine tool

One Touch IGF conversational programming software gives you the ability to describe part geometry using simple commands in the displayed menu, such as Face / Long / Groove / Thread.

You will receive step-by-step instructions that guide you through the process of selecting the type of material, tools, processes, and machining movements. From there, the system generates the final shape of the part, the complete processing program as well as the conversion of the program made in G code-ISO format.

It does not require advanced programming knowledge, this conversational programming system being able to immediately generate the processing technology, with the order of operations, the necessary tools, cutting regimes (speeds, advances, cutting depths, etc.).

Real-time 3D simulation with estimated processing time for each operation or total processing time per part.

3D Virtual Monitoring

The high complexity of automation, machines and related manufacturing processes make it increasingly difficult to avoid eros. The high complexity of automation, machines and related manufacturing processes make it increasingly difficult to avoid programming errors, the need to stop the machine to check the program or collisions in case where the check was superficial, leads to additional costs. OKUMA 3D Virtual Monitor (3DVM) is the advanced solution used to design, simulate and test the entire machining process before actually starting chipping. The simulation takes place on a PC computer that acts exactly like a real machine.

3D Virtual Monitor – Simulare pe PC

The 3DVM application provides accurate, three-dimensional machining simulations based on the modeled data of the CNC machine and the machining application you are using, the processing programs resulting from your own One Touch IGF conversational programming system or from other sources, such as CAM programming.

3D Virtual Monitor - Comparație cu prelucrarea reală
3D Virtual Monitor – Comparație cu prelucrarea reală

3DVM uses the exact specifications of the OKUMA machine to calculate in advance whether your program will safely, quickly and accurately produce the desired part. Small errors in a processing program can have a huge impact on productivity. Finally, the 3DVM function eliminates costly repairs by testing machining applications before they collide with the CNC machine.

Benefits of PC NC-Master

  • Check the tool lengths and the types of tools used
  • Check and confirm sync codes during simultaneous processes
  • Identifies programming errors before they cause damage
  • Eliminates unproductive machine time required for programming and checking
  • Avoid machine repair costs
  • It saves significant time and costs for the prototype
  • Reproduces machine alarms on your computer so that you can troubleshoot office issues before they appear in the actual process
  • Uses the built-in utility to interact with the machine model
  • Create / manage offline the definition of virtual models (part, semi-finished product, fastener) before transferring the data to the machine tool

System Requirements

OSWindows 10, Windows 8/8.1, Windows 7 [as of February 2021]
CPU2 GHz (X86/X64) and above recommended
Hard diskInstallation space: free space of 4 GB or more recommended
Monitor1280 x 1024 dot, high color (16 bit) or higher recommended
Graphics function compatible with “OpenGL version 1.0” or higher required.
Graphics card compatible with “OpenGL version 1.5” or higher recommended.
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