Recommended Preventive Maintenance for your spindle

People tend to do exercises that increase and extend the health of their heart. Why not do the same for the heart of your machine tool, the spindle? Too many times we see a machine that has a premature failure. Some of the diseases that your spindle may succumb to are coolant contamination, overheating, or unclean/diminished lubrication oil.

It’s a good idea to read literature that your doctor may provide that tells you how to take care of your heart. Similarly, it’s a good idea to read the Operation and Maintenance Manual that Okuma provides so you can take good care of your spindle. This manual discusses maintenance required for a healthy spindle, such as the tasks below that we recommend as part of your preventive maintenance (PM) program. Please contact your local distributor to purchase referenced replacement maintenance parts


Check and replace the Through the Spindle Coolant Pin. This is the most overlooked and also one of the simplest tasks that you can do. The schedule is laid out in Section 5 of the Operations and Maintenance Manual. This maintenance schedule is also documented on the side of the machine.


Check each Pull Stud. Make sure the face is ground and the through hole measures in accordance with the specifications laid out in Section 6 of the Operations and Maintenance Manual. Also, ensure that the face is free from abrasions, dings, and scratches.


Check for leaks around the top/rear of the spindle to ensure that there are no fittings leaking and that the Rotary Union is in good working order.


Ensure that the specified lubrication oil is being used in the Spindle Lubrication Oil Tank in accordance with the Operations and Maintenance Manual Section 3 and also the placard located beside the lube unit. This ensures the bearings are being adequately lubricated.


Clean and inspect the Spindle Cooling Unit Air Filter in accordance with Section 5 of the Operations and Maintenance Manual. This will confirm that the cooling oil is adequately cooled to prevent the spindle from overheating.


Perform maintenance on the Air Panel Filters in accordance with Section 5 of the Operations and Maintenance Manual. This will ensure that the spindle receives clean air to mix with the lubrication oil.

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