Utilities 01

STATUS MAIL: email notifications regarding the operating status of the CNC machine

Given that the manufacturing process can be left unattended directly by an operator or a fast and direct communication is desired between the production department and the other departments involved (maintenance, management, etc.) which will immediately result in a reduction of the stationary times of the machine and the increase of the degree of use by eliminating the stationary ones that can be avoided by a simple, immediate action and at the disposal of the user.

Okuma provides its customers with a way to remotely track the condition of the machine. This service, Status mail, is included in OSP Suite, the machine tool control application.

The machine, after being connected to the local computer network and has internet access, can automatically send emails notifying the occurrence of the events followed, to one or more email addresses, differentiated according to the specifics of the department from which the addressees they are part of.


The system can be configured to use its own mail server or it can use a free email service (eg Gmail) to send notification emails.

In the images below you can see the grouping of recipients according to the types of alarms and how to select the alarms of interest.


Next, we chose several types of alarms that can be selected from all alarms, relevant depending on the area of interest of users:

Collision (1186)Management, maintenance
Empty Battery (1071)Maintenance
Oil PumpMaintenance
Chip ConveyorMaintenance
Missing compressed air (2743)Maintenance
Cooling agent levelProduction supervision
End of program (MIN or SDF)Production supervision
Program generated message (VUACM 1244, 2395, 3220)Production supervision
End of Tool Life (NG2 2436)Production supervision

Another example of using this function can be the sending, at regular intervals, of emails containing the number of pieces made up to that moment, which makes it possible to highlight syncopes in the normal rhythm of production due to other causes than those that depending on the condition of the machine (operator, semi-finished product, tools, etc.). The generated warning message can contain both the generated alarm code and the screenshot for completing the information.

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