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Renishaw Set and Inspect

Renishaw’s Set and Inspect is a simple, intuitive, CNC machine measuring application for customers who needs an easy-to-use verification and control solution. The built-in allows the user to easily create check cycles, whether they are executed manually or fully automated programs, which help to set and check parts of axes and tools.

Even inexperienced users can take advantage of Renishaw’s Verification and Control Systems with this seamlessly integrated application into OKUMA OSP.

Installation / Prerequisites Required

The software is only compatible with API version 1.12.x.x and above. Make sure the Okuma THINC API is installed.

If the API icon is not displayed in the lower right corner of the screen, contact your local Okuma dealer to arrange the API installation. A firmware update may be required to accept this option.

The Microsoft NET Framework 4.0 must be installed under CNC machine control. If it does not already exist, this application will be installed as part of the installation and testing process.

Description Use

So easy to use that it requires only minimal operator training and product documentation making it the perfect app for those with little authentication / control experience or no machine code knowledge.

The user simply selects a test cycle from the menu and fills in the data entry fields.

The app takes care of everything else, automatically generates the machine code required for the test cycle and loads it to NC, significantly reducing data entry errors and programming times.

Based on the options selected in the Setup dialog box, the Startup Setup and Test screen will display the program builder alongside a single cycle.

Selecting a single cycle will display the hardware for which you can produce test cycles for: Renishaw Main Axis Test, Touch Tool Setup and / or Non-Contact Tool Setup.

Then select Measurement / Calibration Cycles:

The application has a multitude of intuitive verification cycles with images and text support.

The application generates the required G-code program and loads it in CN, either as the main program or in MDI mode (depending on the type of load selected during configuration).

The additional code is contained in the CN program to allow Set and Inspect to return the results of the checks.

Follow the instructions on the screen to put the machine in the correct operating mode and press start cycle. Once the program has finished running, the Results soft key will turn orange, indicating that the results are available for viewing. Press the Results soft key to view these tables.

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The nominal, actual and deviation values for the measurements that have been made are shown in a simple table.

Set and Inspect Benefits:

  • Eliminates possible data entry errors
  • It is not necessary to know the test programming codes
  • Significantly reduces programming time
  • You can check both parts – vertically and horizontally.
  • The application automatically generates the code required by the machine tool and loads it into control

Just press the cycle start button and the program will start working. The application allows the WCS coordinate system to be updated with the measured data. The results will display quickly.

It can be added to a large range of Okuma machines; centers, lathes and multifunctional machines. It is compatible with a large range of Okuma CNC controls

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