What is a Sludgeless Tank?

OKUMA “Sludgeless Tank” enhances stable operations

Suppresses sludge accumulation in the coolant tank. Dramatically reducing troublesome tank cleaning work

It is important to remove impurities (sludge) contained in the coolant for stable operation of the machine, and coolant tank cleaning is indispensable.

The Sludgeless Tank (recommended option) efficiently collects 99% of the amount of sludge and reduces coolant contaminants.

By suppressing sludge accumulation in the tank, the frequency of troublesome tank cleaning can also be drastically reduced, enabling stable operations over long runs.

Coolant sludge removal, less environmental impact when disposing coolant

No tank cleaning required for two years
(Okuma equipment actual data)

Unidirectional coolant flow in the Sludgeless Tank also suppresses coolant deterioration due to stagnation. Coolant replacement frequency is greatly reduced, and the environmental impact is less when coolant disposal amounts are also reduced.

Keeping spindle tapers clean

The three filtration devices in the Sludgeless Tank and coolant suction inside the spindle reduce dirt on the spindle taper and lessen defective machining.

* Tertiary filtration available only with thru-spindle coolant specs.

Note: Suction of coolant from the spindle also limits the outflow of coolant to the spindle taper when changing tools.

Compact—integrated with the through-spindle coolant tank

The thru-spindle coolant tank is integrated, and the coolant heater/cooler (option) can be mounted on the tank, saving space.

Coolant filtration system flow

The coolant filtration system flow with 3 steps of filtration:

  1. Primary filtration – Drum filter for lift-up chip conveyor
  2. Secondary filtration – Cyclone filter
  3. Tertiary filtration – Bag filter

Primary filtration – Drum filter for lift-up chip conveyor

Secondary filtration – Cyclone filter

Tertiary filtration – Bag filter

Reducing running Costs

Running costs after 10 years compared with cleaning frequency of the tank:

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