Strung Swiss-Type CNC
The M16: A High-end Model Covering 16mm

The M16: A high-end model covering ø16 mm. The B axis function of rotary tools on the gang tool post and the back tool post Y axis function give the advantage of creating complex shapes as well as secondary machining.

By machining with the optimum conditions for small-diameter workpieces and small-diameter drills/end mills, high productivity can be achieved. The M16 brings advanced functions and raises the level of the basic functions. It permits greater versatility in workpiece shapes and has the edge when machining increasingly complex parts for the IT and medical fields.

Seria M16 este disponibilă în 2 modele cu variate opțiuni.

Specificații Tehnice
Diametrul Max. strunjire [mm]ø16mm
Lungime Max. strunjire [mm]200mm/universal
Viteza arbore principal [min-1]12,000
Numărul de scule36
Putere Motor (VAC) [kW]arbore principal 2.2/3.7kW
arbore scule 0.69kW
arbore secundar 0.75/1.5kW
lichid răcire 0.4kW
Prelucrări opționale

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