GreenBau at Demo Metal Vest 2022

DEMO METAL has always represented an opportunity for the Romanian industry to demonstrate the power of new machines and technologies, of the machines sold by GreenBau Tehnologie SRL.

In the last two years, due to the pandemic restrictions, we have not had the opportunity to present news in the field of CNC machine technology at trade fairs and to come into contact with potential customers. We are looking forward to presenting them in September at Demo Metal West – Arad.

Exhibited CNC machines and automations that will provide live machining demonstrations

Horizotal Lathe GENOS L3000-e M450

Single-turret lathes offer high machining quality and performance

The OKUMA GENOS L3000-e has a variety of built-in features that you find in an OKUMA lathe, such as the powerful integrated motor and rigid guides. Optional Y-axis milling and machining functions allow you to select the best configuration for your specific production needs. GENOS L3000-e offers high quality at an affordable price.

Automation system with cobot HANWHA HCR-12

The Hanwha HCR series collaborative robot is easy to control and flexible

With a maximum load capacity of 12 kg, the HCR-12 cobot is best suited for light tasks that require simple control and can successfully replace the operator. The HCR-12 collaborative robot is easy to control and is flexible in responding to changes in the production process, effectively reducing investment and operating expenses.

Vertical center with simultaneous 5-axis machining GENOS M460V-5AX


Simultaneous 5-axis machining provides high productivity and reliability in a small footprint

The new state-of-the-art 5-axis vertical machining center is specifically designed for high precision part manufacturing and high cutting capacity in a compact design. The solid double-column structure, the total control of 5 simultaneous axes and the high-performance thermal stability offer the possibility to easily process a wide range of materials.

Swiss-type Lathe CINCOM L20E-2M12 LFV

A state-of-the-art machine with B-axis machining on both spindles and an additional Y-axis

CITIZEN “swiss type” lathes allow the production of various parts with high complexity. To meet the current demands of the machining industry, CITIZEN has introduced a new concept of the L20 model with built-in LFV (Low Frequency Vibration) function, so that customers can optimize the manufacturing process using the included options to configure the machine necessary for their production needs.

Horizontal lathe with two shafts and fixed head MIYANO BNA-42MSY

The BNA-42MSY offers complex machining with fast cycle times and fast settings

With two spindles, the secondary spindle having an additional X-axis, a Y-axis turret and the latest Mitsubishi control, the BNA-42MSY is capable of complex machining with fast cycle times and fast settings. On the X2 Axis the secondary spindle allows simultaneous independent machining of the front and back of the feature. This, in effect, provides the benefits of a twin-turret machine with the significant cost savings of a single-turret model.