Centru de prelucrare dublă coloană

The Okuma MCR-BIII double column machining center provides five-face machining of parts in a single, economical and efficient set-up. The ram-type head features a 30 kW, 4.000 min vertical spindle for powerful cutting and rigidity. A wide variety of machining, including angular and compound angular surface machining, can be performed automatically with a single work piece set-up through the use of various attachments. Automatic tool changing to the vertical spindle or to the horizontal attachment is provided with a standard 32 tool magazine located on the side of the column, with additional tool chain capacities optional. The MCR-BIII is versatile enough to handle everything from heavy cutting to high-accuracy finishing of die/mould jobs and large, complex parts.

Specificații Tehnice
Dimensiune Masă [mm]1,500 x 2,800 to 3,000 x 11,800
Distanța între coloane [mm]2,150 to 3,650
Viteza arbore principal [min-1]4,000, [6,000], [8,000], [10,000], [20,000]
Numărul de scule32 [50], [72], [100], [120], [180], [240], [360]
Putere Motor (VAC) [kW]30/22 [45/37, 26/22]
Curse Axe [mm]X: 3,000 / Y: 2,700 / Z: 800 to
X: 12,000 / Y: 4,200 / Z: 1,300
Prelucrări / opționaleAPC, AAC

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